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PnaPna work management system is designed to track the development of projects that may take long time to complete, providing work managers and other team members a single access point for all the relevant information on any given project. Our system includes:

  • Planning;
  • Budgeting;
  • Invoicing;
  • Managing inventory;
  • Assigning human resources;
  • Tasking assignments (including tracking their progress and closing them out once complete);
  • File sharing;
  • and, Bug reports for different verticals such as Web designers, Construction industry, General office, Legal, Real estate etc. The primary goal is to increase company efficiency by making the entire project cycle visible to all team members. Each team member is given their own credentials, allowing them to customize their view (List view or Planner view), report progress on their own work, and monitor the progress of others. Most employees shall find themselves to be more efficient in this environment, it allows people to identify problems before/as they arise, and it eliminates any question as to the current status of any outstanding tasks. It also provides a single access point for all company-related information, eliminating lost documents.
    The system is designed for teams scattered across rooms or globe as long they are connected by web. The system resides in cloud and content can be kept in encrypted format.
    Special modules like task time tracker and employee monitoring, are the mainstay of our system and are very useful for teams working across many time zones. There are many special modules for specific trades like real time video editing / markup in collaboration for web / video designers.

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